Taking the Ferrari FF Home - General Update Video

It's time, the end of the Ferrari FF's stay in Monaco! After spending an amazing 10 weeks in the South of France, it's time to drive the car back home, and rather than vlog the entire journey as I'll be heading off again with it quite soon to the French Alps, I wanted to use the time as a bit of an update to new things going on and demo a few things.

Kicking off with the general whereabouts, then my new Sony Z5 Compact, then a demo in Paris of the all new Car Throttle app that you can download from http://carthrottle.com/app before reaching the Eurotunnel and ultimately back into my garage at home where the FF is united with my GT4. Then it's an unusual quick demonstration of some recent things to arrive with me; my Dell XPS 15 laptop, Sony Actioncam AZ1 Mini, Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch and finally a lovely pair of driving gloves from The Outlierman http://www.theoutlierman.com/

Thanks for watching, Tim

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2015. dec. 24.

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