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Driving the GT4 to Wales - 'Speed Lives Here' with Esso Synergy Part 1


Introducing the second of three tours around the United Kingdom to celebrate the launch of new Esso Synergy fuels, taking us to Wales and the Isle of Man with the theme 'Speed Lives Here'.
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For the first part of our adventure, we get underway in my Porsche Cayman GT4 from London heading towards the North-West corner of Wales, the home to Anglesey Circuit. This tour focuses on pure driving enjoyment and as such the GT4, winner of numerous Car of the Year awards, is the perfect choice with it's 385PS Flat-6 and 6-speed manual gearbox.

This video was made possible by Esso Synergy. #sp

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Hossz 08:07
Közzétéve 2015. dec. 3.
Sorozat Autó
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