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675LT Paint Protection Film at Topaz [Road to 675LT Episode 10]


It's the final stage before collection! The McLaren 675LT remains at Topaz following a detail for full paint protection film to be applied across the entire car.

The latest films used are self-healing and almost invisible to see, but will protect the MSO Cerulean Blue paintwork from any stonechips to the front, damage from objects above, or even simply people that may lean on the car.

Although McLaren factory paint is pretty impressive, and MSO even more so, the detailing process just refines that to an even greater level of perfection so that when the film is applied it keeps the best look possible, forever!

To complete, the car is put on a truck to head to McLaren Manchester for Pre-Delivery Inspection and final configuration to be ready to be delivered to me, I cannot wait!

Topaz Detailing can be found at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Hossz 17:07
Közzétéve 2015. okt. 27.
Sorozat Autó
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