FIA WEC: A difficult race for Ferrari in the Austin 6 Hours


The curtain has come down on the Austin 6 Hours, the fourth round of the FIA World Endurance Championship. It was a spectacular, incident packed race with wheel to wheel fights that held the crowd spellbound until the very last lap. Once again, changeable weather made life tough for the drivers. After a little over an hour and a half, a heavy storm hit the American track, making the track undriveable so that the race was red flagged for a while. The rain at the start made life very difficult for the Ferraris involved in the title fight.


Hossz 02:14
Közzétéve 2014. szept. 25.
Sorozat WEC
Esemény Austin
Alesemény Szombati futam
Helyszín Circuit of the Americas
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