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HPD Trackside -- RealTime Acura Pirelli World Challenge Barber Race


The RealTime Racing Team Acuras fought through some adversity this weekend, but kept battling to the end of Rounds Six and Seven of the Pirelli World Challenge at Barber Motorsports Park.

“It was a tough weekend for the TLX GT program,” said Senior Program Engineer Lee Niffenegger of Honda Performance Development. “While our TLXs did quite well on the street courses of recent events, we had a much tougher time at Barber. We will work hard in the upcoming weeks to find further improvement and work with the series on our pace, relative to some of our competitors.

The team will have some time to work on its performance as Rounds Eight and Nine are three weeks away at Bowmanville, Ontario’s Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

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Hossz 02:31
Közzétéve 2016. máj. 5.
Sorozat PWC
Esemény Barber
Helyszín Barber Motorsports Park
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