Stage Fright or Stardom? | 2015 Ford Mustang | Mustang Moments

Lonnie had a bad case of stage fright. Would he be able to overcome his fears to pursue his dream?

Afraid of acting on a childhood dream this Philadelphia-born-and-raised stand-up comedian held back. Lonnie Council wanted to experience the things he aspired to, but was afraid of failing. Growing up with a “calling”, Lonnie knew he never wanted to just exist and pay the bills. It was life experiences that drove him to follow his dreams. A writer by nature, he first wrote poetry and gradually transitioned into comedy. This man had the talent and charisma to be a successful stand-up comedian. But could he overcome his bad case of stage fright? Follow Lonnie as he steps into the spotlight for one life-changing opening night at a famous comedy club. Can his greatest dreams and fears be conquered in one act?

What does it feel like to drive a Mustang? In Mustang Moments, award-winning director Alex Gibney captures people on the brink of a personal breakthrough as their dreams meet opportunities with a chance to pursue their passion — all while they’re behind the wheel of a new 2015 Ford Mustang.

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