At the start, Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) did a superb job of staying in the lead, while Matteo “Babalus” Santoponte also started strong, speeding past Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126) and Marcello Puglisi (Rossocorsa) at the first chicane. At the halfway point, there were no real surprises to speak of, with Baron, “Babalus”, Puglisi and Grossmann in the top four.

The European champion began to close in on Puglisi, before succumbing to a puncture and having to bow out. In the next round, it was the turn of “Babalus” to take a risk at the exit from the Ascari chicane and losing valuable time after almost touching the barrier. The Italian’s error propelled Baron to victory, clocking up his 14th win at the wheel of the 458 Challenge, while “Babalus” succeeded in fending off Puglisi’s challenges, taking second place. Baron is the now the championship leader.

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