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A Formula 1 power unit is a miracle of modern technology: massively powerful, incredibly efficient, and dauntingly complex.

With stability within the technical regulations, Honda builds on the experience gathered in the first year of its Formula 1 return to refine the power unit package for 2016.

The Japanese giant’s new power unit – the RA616H – is comprised of 3,500 components, revs to 15,000rpm and reaches temperatures of 900°C when running at full throttle. Off the startline, it will reach 200km/h in less than five seconds, and its turbo-charger spins at an astonishing 2,083 times per second, yet it achieves all its performance using only only 100kg of fuel.


Hossz 00:31
Közzétéve 2016. febr. 20.
Sorozat Forma-1
Csapatok McLaren