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Abu Dhabi Nagydíj
28 nov.
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Red Bull Racing 2012 - Adrian Newey Drives The RB6


Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey recently had the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of not one, but two groundbreaking Formula One cars, each penned by the designer and his engineering teams during very different eras of the sport. At Silverstone Circuit, Newey, aided by former Formula One driver David Coulthard, was given the chance to drive the Leyton House March he designed in 1990 and shortly afterwards he was strapped into the Championship-winning Red Bull Racing RB6, which in 2010 claimed nine race wins in the hands of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. One designer, two fascinating cars separated by exactly 20 years, and two totally different experiences, as Adrian relates in this clip.

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Hossz 04:51
Közzétéve 2012. nov. 27.
Sorozat Forma-1
Csapatok Red Bull Racing Vásárlás
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