Hard Enduro Chaos on the Beach - Day 1 Recap - Red Bull Sea to Sky


Day 1 of Red Bull Sea to Sky brought the world's best Hard Enduro racers to the Turkish shoreline in Kemer for an all out enduro assault. With a perfect season under his belt, Jonny Walker started the race with the hard enduro grand slam on his radar. Walker immediately set the tone for the evening's main event by posting the best time off the start. Hot off the start, the KTM rider slotted himself inside the top three on the opening lap.

A videót készítette Red Bull
Időtartam 04:44
Sorozat Enduro
Esemény Red Bull Sea to Sky
Alesemény Day 1
Versenyzők Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker
Címke enduro, other bike, race highlights, red bull, red bull sea to sky

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