Why You Shouldn't Buy a Supercar... Flat Battery Saga


Back from Where's Shmee, and that means the Ferrari FF and Cayman GT4 haven't been driven for a while.. and yes, you guessed it, the Ferrari has a flat battery. Unfortunately I don't have access to a trickle charge socket in my garage but as it transpires the battery is weakening significantly (it's 4 years old) so will be replaced - let's see if they do it under the extended warranty. Either way, it's a pretty insignificant issue.

Additionally, as mentioned before, the McLaren 675LT is also off to the dealer for a post-trip checkover and a small fix to a sensor that controls the lift system, nothing dramatic.

However, the German member of the garage is flawless and running perfectly!

Long story short is that hand-built, limited run cars do need to be looked after - to be honest all cars these days have problems as they get super complicated.


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Közzétéve 2016. ápr. 25.
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