[Where's Shmee] Racing the McLaren 675LT at Spa - 2016 Episode 08

Cars like the McLaren 675LT are built to be used, so what would be better than to take it to Pure McLaren being held at the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps for an exciting track day.

Kicking off with some tuition for the circuit as it's only my 2nd time driving it (before was 2 years ago with the McLaren 12C), we warm up to the course and learn what's going on. Then it's time to head out for further sessions and start to get an understanding for capable the 675LT can be.

There is no question this car is phenomenal, and with Trofeo R tyres it can just stick, and stick, and stick some more to the tarmac. After a wet and slightly interesting start the track dried up through the day and ultimately left me to push my car to a 2:44.2 lap time. For certain I can take it around faster even than that but as a privateer with a very, very expensive car that's largely uninsured in these circumstances I was not willing to push beyond my boundaries and limit of risk versus reward.

In short, the day with Pure McLaren was absolutely fantastic, and I would thoroughly recommend it to any and all McLaren owners. 

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Közzétéve 2016. ápr. 6.
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