What Colour is my 675LT Spider? ... MSO Orion PURPLE!

Here is the paint colour for my McLaren 675LT Spider; MSO Orion Purple!

The colour is devised from a shade inspired by my former Audi R8 Spyder in Midnight Purple, mixed with metallic flake in the paintwork in the Cerulean Blue you see from my 675LT Coupe. Working with McLaren Special Operations to create this special colour was an exciting process, off the back of my previous video showing the earlier samples.

Purple won't appeal to everyone, but as mentioned before I am intending to run the two cars simultaneously (at least for a period), so I'm very much of the opinion they will look amazing together and I can't wait! Being a limited edition model car, and highly bespoke, it allows me the opportunity to be bold and create exactly what I really want - and the Coupe blue was going to be very hard to beat so I have chosen to mix it up a bit. Whether this still counts as #bluecrew - who knows!?

This video is shot at Topaz, in advance of something fun we are working on to show you in the near future. As well as finally bringing the Ferrari FF back into content and now with exhaust valves opened thanks to Dub Customs for extra V12 noise!

Special shout-out for the Piloti driving shoes!

Thanks for watching, Tim

2016. márc. 14.

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