Romania's Best Car Collection


This one might come as a bit of a surprise, the Tiriac Collection outside of Bucharest, Romania has one of the most spectacular arrays of cars you will find anywhere in the world!

During a few days of downtime in the Romanian capital after the end of the Gumball 3000, we head to the museum (which is open to the public) for a visit and an opportunity to take a look at everything that can be found within. On display are around 160 of the 350 cars that form the collection, sorted by theme and showing a vast variety of different automobiles.

Ion Tiriac, former tennis player and then coach, is now an important businessman in Romania and opens his personal collection up for viewing, so a thanks to both him and the team for creating this display and for my visit to share it with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Közzétéve 2016. máj. 13.
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