I've received some paint samples from MSO to choose for the spec on my McLaren 675LT Spider! The car will be in production in spring for a delivery in the early part of summer but now I have the tough choice of what colour to go for!

The samples here are all from MSO, McLaren Special Operations and we have: firstly Cerulean Blue as per my 675LT, then Burton Blue that's a little darker, followed by my custom creation of Nocturnal Blue and finally Lantana Purple. Should I go for one of these, or something completely different!?

During this update that falls in a very short period back in the UK following Omanya, and before I head to LA, I also thought it was about time to answer all the questions I've seen recently with regards to my Dad's Aston Martin V12 Vantage that has now been with him for 2 years.

It's then back to London to jump into the GT4, and join a rather special photoshoot of something you'll be seeing more of in due course. 

2016. febr. 20.

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