Learning to Drift with the Lotus Driving Academy

As part of preparation for taking my Race Licence test, I headed up to join the Lotus Driving Academy at Hethel for a few different activities continuing from my earlier visit.

Being thrown in at the deep end we jump straight into the Elise 220 Cup to have a go at learning the basics to drifting on the South Circuit hairpin. I'm not for a second going to pretend I'm a pro at this, I've never had any formal tuition or practice before but I think it's about time to learn and this was a very fun way to do it! Hopefully I'll be able to line up more opportunities and get better at it, but I can predict all the comments now about how bad I am - oh well it was fun!

After that we are out on the track in the Exige Sport 350 for a reminder of the full circuit before switching over to the V6 Cup R for some hardcore fun to wrap up the day.

Next up will be a visit to Snetterton to undertake my MSA National B race licence; a thanks goes to all of the Lotus Driving Academy, MSA Motorsport, Archie Hamilton and Track-Club for everything, keep tuned!

2016. márc. 29.

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