You read that right, watch me keying my Ferrari FF...

I have made a habit of taking each of my new cars to Topaz Detailing for application of Paint Protection Film, and this is exactly why! After showing the process with each of my McLaren 650S Spider and 675LT I have seen an awful lot of interest in the process and reasons behind it, and how better to explain it than a live demonstration - with keys, and a screwdriver for added effect.

As shown here, you can see how the PPF truly saves the paintwork on a car; and when you are talking special colours on these kind of cars it's not unusual to spend £10-20,000 just on the optional paintwork.

Quite how much bonus protection it provides actually took me by surprise doing this, I was genuinely worried this would go wrong but it didn't at all and the car is perfect behind it all.

2016. márc. 18.

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