Surprise! The new daily driver in the Shmee Fleet is the Ferrari FF, sitting alongside the McLaren 675LT.

After selling my Abarth 595C I decided I wanted to upgrade my daily to something rather special, and after being a big fan of the FF for a long period I came across the advert for this specific car and I was sold immediately! It was just hours from seeing the listing to visiting Meridien Modena in the New Forest and making the purchase.

The FF features a 660PS 6.3l V12, an epic soundtrack, and admitedly disturbingly 'marmite' looks with people who love it or hate it. This particular is used and bought via Ferrari Approved, it's a few years old with 9,500 miles on the clock, finished in a special Le Mans Blu paint with Crema interior. The specification overall is exceptionally high with LED driving zone, rear seat entertainment, and special materials thoughout - a full spec video will follow.

Due to the special limited nature of the McLaren 675LT, I decided that it was going to become a more special car to me and one that I save for the best occasions - although do not fear it will see plenty of usage - and therefore I wanted to buy a car that would better fit my daily usage and road trip requirements. From the word go, the FF will be heading on an adventure to Milan and around Italy this week!

There will no doubt be a lot of questions and surprise at me purchasing a Ferrari, but I want to emphasise that there's a lot of misconception regarding my brand affiliations and that it is purely that I buy the cars that best fit my requirements, needs and interests at the time.

I will do a full piece in due course explaining why I have bought this car, how it has been made possible and answers to the questions that come up in the comments.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


2015. okt. 27.

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