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Brake Caliper Location - Explained


What determines the location for brake calipers? Why are some brake calipers towards the front, while others are towards the rear? What factors influence brake caliper placement? Location could be dependent upon weight distribution, aerodynamics, suspension geometry and packaging, the vehicle purpose, cost, and aesthetics.

NOTE: An important factor in brake caliper location for the front brakes is the location of the steering rack. The calipers will typically be located on the opposite side of the steering rack. To allow for the engine to be further back (and thus better weight distribution, the rack may be found up front, forcing the brakes to be closer to the center of the car.

NOTE 2: After discussing with various motorsport engineers, it seems the most critical factor in caliper location comes down to suspension geometry. The location is simply the best spot available after the ideal suspension has been designed.

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