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675LT and FF TOGETHER! Driving through Snowy Mountains


After setting off from Strasbourg, France in the Ferrari FF we're on the road to Auto-Salon-Singen in Germany to receive the McLaren 675LT and meet up with some friends who will be continuing this drive with us, including Saabkyle04:

Then it's immediately time to put the 675LT through its paces, and we head to the mountains through towards Italy. Of course I cannot push the LT too hard as it is running in mileage so revs are lower and no full accelerations. The surreal experience being able to drive in both cars on such a road was absolutely phenomenal, it's literally like a dream! Better still, the noises the LT makes on gear shift are truly awesome - as you can no doubt hear.

Now we're in Italy, and tomorrow we'll be heading to Autodromo di Monza for an event with Cars and Coffee Italy, Track4fun and Top Gear Magazine ITA.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Hossz 18:43
Közzétéve 2015. okt. 27.
Sorozat Autó
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