10 Reasons to Drive the ABT RS6 on Gumball 3000


It's probably the most frequent question on all of the videos from the Gumball 3000, "Why the ABT RS6 rather than your 675LT, FF, GT4? etc". Here are 10 pretty good reasons...

- The different weather conditions we experience
- 4 seats and 4 doors for the 4 team members
- Dealing with variable road conditions
- Relative efficiency for fewer fuel stops
- Sleeper car that you don't expect
- Huge boot!
- Mobile office with KeepGo
- Quiet for filming and good visibility
- Avoids personal cost, mileage, servicing, depreciation
- Lots of space for stickers


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Közzétéve 2016. máj. 5.
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